Major repairs and the construction of engineering structures

Comprehensive work related to the construction, redevelopment and major repair of bridge facilities across Poland.
With our outstanding engineering staff and passion to create, within the 14 years that we have been on the market we have built several hundred engineering facilities across Poland, commissionedby:the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, the Regional Road Administration for the Podlaskie Region in Białystok, city and commune councils (public tendering procedures) as well as private companies and individuals.

BWe build the following engineering structures along local roads and motorways:

  • bridge facilities,
  • long bridges,
  • footbridges,
  • animal crossings,
  • culverts.

What we offer encompasses the comprehensive execution of facilities, together with finishing works.

We perform the most demanding of projects, such as the construction or reconstruction of bridges and viaducts along the A1 Motorway, with load class A and B acc. to PN-85/S-10030, or the City Stadium in Białystok.

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