Client: General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways - Łódź branch

  • General Contractor: SRB Civil Engineering Ltd., John Sisk&Son Ltd., Roadbridge Ltd., Budbaum S.A.
  • Time limit for performance: 30.09.2010 – 14.08.2012


Scope of Works:

  • Bridge works on the following facilities: WD(T) 181A, WD(K) 181, WD(K) 181B, WD(G) 182, WD(G) 182A, WD(Z) 183, WD(G) 184, E6, WD(G) 185, E7
  • earthworks (excavations and fills);
  • ground stabilisation under foundations with DSM columns (WD 181A);
  • sheet piling and extraction of sheet pile walls;
  • large-diameter piles (phi 1200);
  • prefabricated piles;
  • load tests of piles;
  • reinforcement of monolithic structures;
  • monolithic structures: foundations, abutments, intermediate piers, transition slabs, structural concrete footway slabs in panel formworking;
  • monolithic deck structures;
  • cable-laying and structure prestressing;
  • sheet-membrane waterproofing and thin waterproofing;
  • gussasphalt pavements;
  • bridge draining;
  • delivery and assembly of bearings, MEJs and asphaltic expansion joints;
  • setting of kerbs, combination railing, guardrails and parapets;
  • slope stabilisation;
  • concrete surface treatment;
  • load tests of the facilities.