Client: The city of Białystok

  • General Contractor: Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Elektrycznych i Budowlanych „MIPA” Leon Stankiewicz
  • Time limit for performance: 07.06.2011 - 15.06.2012

Scope of Works:

The construction of a rail bridge under track 1 of railway line No. 037 at km 4.613:

  • viaduct with an overall length of 55.20 m and width of 23.0 m;
  • earthworks;
  • strip footing;
  • execution of RCC wings and abutments;
  • execution of an RCC deck bonded with steel superstructure;
  • setting of bearings;
  • setting of hydraulic damping devices;
  • execution of modular expansion joints;
  • viaduct draining;
  • waterproofing with torch-on membrane;
  • setting of elevation markers;
  • finishing works.

Redevelopment of the culvert on Dolistówka River along Piasta Street:

  • bridge with an overall length of 15.0 m and width of 19.70 m;
  • demolition works;
  • earthworks
  • prefabricated pile driving (40x40 cm; length: 8.0m;
  • execution of a reinforced concrete structure;
  • waterproofing with torch-on membrane;
  • bridge draining;
  • setting of bearings;
  • execution of expansion joints;
  • finishing works.


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