Client: General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways - Białystok branch

  • General Contractor: Consortium: Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Komunikacyjnego „MOSTAR” Sp. z o.o. - Leader and Budrex-Kobi Sp. z o. o.- Partner
  • Time limit for performance: 02.04.2007 – 30.11.2007

Scope of Works:

  • demolition works;
  • execution and disassembly of a bypass road to the temporary bridge (pavement made of RCC slabs);
  • bridge reinforcement with B45 concrete;
  • deck waterproofing with a torch-on membrane;
  • execution of resin-based sidewalk pavement;
  • execution of asphaltic pavement on the bridge and accessways;
  • bridge draining system;
  • concrete surface treatment;
  • anti-corrosive treatment of steel;
  • repair of cavities in concrete surface;
  • crack injection;
  • structural improvement with the use of reinforcing polymer strip;
  • stone kerb laying;
  • embankment and cone stabilisation with cobblestone;
  • execution of downchutes;
  • execution of embankment stairway;
  • placing of bridge parapets and guardrails.

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