Client: Podlaski Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich w Białymstoku / Podlaski Regional Road Administration in Białystok

  • General Contractor: Augustowskie Przedsiębiorstwo Drogowe S.A.
  • Time limit for performance: 08.06.2005 – 30.09.2006

Scope of Works:

  • earthworks and demolishing works;
  • clearing, safeguarding and removal of cavities in concrete surfaces of concrete spans;
  • crack injection;
  • bridge waterproofing and draining;
  • placing of safeguards, i.e. guardrails, combination railing and kerbs;
  • finishing works: execution of embankment stairway and slope stabilisation with cobblestone;
  • sheet piling;
  • execution of a synthetic resin sidewalk and concrete surface protection.

Charakterystyka obiektu

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